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What is The Sales Genius Network? 

The Sales Genius Network (SGN) is a community of those committed to growth - personally, professionally and for their business. We're committed to creating a learning and growth environment by creating and sharing valuable insight, resources, tools, and the bone fide experiences of others who re as serious and committed as you are. As a community, we want to provide you with everything you may need to #BeASalesGenius.

This community is an extension and complement to The Sales Genius Network Community through our own website that allows you to access even more tools and resources!

What is a sales genius? 

A sales genius is someone who is committed to a learning and sharing mindset. They're focused in the area of customer acquisition or customer success. They enjoy being challenged and they have what we like to call a rookie mindset - they're always learning. 

Who qualifies as a sales genius? 

You! If you're into sales and marketing or business in general and/or read the above answer to "what is a sales genius?" and were intrigued, then you're most likely in the right place.  You don't have to know everything and anything about sales and marketing to fit in here. You just have to be committed to learning and sharing!

By joining, you get access to: 

  • Webinars, AMAs (ask me anything videos), and special learning opportunities for members only
  • Tools created and available only to members of the network
  • Weekly questions on sales and/or marketing from the hosts and community members along with experiences and opinions to help you out in your job/personal life
  • Opportunities for you to network and share your own experiences to help your peers
  • Updates on the Sales Genius Podcast 

Join the Conversation and Start Your Journey to Becoming a Sales Genius!

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